Michael Lorraine has been training dogs professionally for over 20 years. In 1998 Mike graduated from the National K9 School for Dog Trainers, in Columbus Ohio. This marked the inception of his 20 plus year career training thousands of dogs in multiple disciplines. Mike has trained service dogs, police K9, Search and Rescue dogs, top-level biting sport dogs, as well as personal protection dogs. What really separates Mike from the herd is his involvement and success in the European dog sport commonly known as Schutzhund. Schutzhund is a three-phase sport that tests the dog and handler teams in tracking, obedience, and protection. The dog and handler teams have to travel all over the US and Europe to compete at the highest level of Schutzhund III. To say the sport is challenging is an understatement. The LK9 difference rests in the fact that the most modern and advanced dog training principles come from this highly competitive world. Mike has created a system that takes these cutting-edge techniques and applies them to your best friend.