This is Aaron’s story…
“To anyone who’s ever placed the barrel of a gun in their mouth, with a round in the chamber, with the safety off… you need to know that you never have to go to that place again.
Five years ago I woke every single morning wanting to die. I went to bed every single night wanting to die.
My indifference to my own life kept me in a limbo of not dead, and nowhere near alive. I felt defeated and broken. When I didn’t feel agony and pain, I felt nothing at all. When I did feel I cried. When I was alone I would become scared and I would cry. When I went to sleep I cried. I cried so much I had no more tears. I didn’t even feel like I was worth crying over myself and I felt guilt for expelling emotion over the worthless person I thought I was. I would call my wife during the day bawling because my fight or flight fear was so out of control… fear so palpable it had a taste and a color. I only stayed for my Kate… but in the end not even my love for her was enough to keep me here. I changed one thing five years ago. One “silly” little pill a day. Had I not been introduced to Nrf2 I would not be here now. So many people say Nrf2 saved their lives… it kept me from taking mine. If you are familiar with that soul-shattering pain. If you feel hopeless and helpless in the deepest parts of your heart. If you don’t care if you live or die anymore. There is hope. There is more. You just haven’t been told what is possible yet.”

These statements are not intended to treat, mitigate, cure or prevent disease. The magic happens when Nrf2 is activated and Oxidative Stress is lowered.